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As we have all noticed Ants are on the move, the majority of my jobs have ants everywhere, outside in  the lawns,  climbing the walls, getting in through weep hole and using plant touching the house to gain access to the inside of our properties.

There are around 3000 species of ants in Australia, the most common and most intrusive through out Brisbane/ Logan and surrounding area’s is the small black white footed house ant.

Ants are social insects living in colony’s that vary in size. Ants can be both predators and scavengers with some consuming a very wide range of  animals and plant products.

Ants are extremely successful and will go to great lengths to find food, once a scout ant has crossed the neighbors fence came up a tree along a branch on to the roof of your house gets into the ceiling than weave’s its way down inside the wall and pops out of a window sil in the kitchen to find a food source it will than back track the way it can all the way back to the nest leaving a scent trail communicating to the colony the location of their next meal.

At EXCEED PEST CONTROL we guarantee our treatments will eradicate ant activity from your home and can even supply customer’s with our professional product that will last 12-24 months to use at your discretion as per label’s directions,

For all your pest control  treatments, quotes and advise give us a call…….

At Exceed Pest Control Gold Coast we are locally owned and operated Pest Control and Termite Services

Our Services

  • General Pest Treatments
  • Rat And Mouse Treatments
  • Flea And Tick Treatments
  • Carpet Moth Treatments
  • Termite Inspections
  • Thermal Imaging Termite Inspections
  • Pre- Purchase Property Inspections
  • Termite Treatments And Barriers
  • FREE Advice And Quote

We are fully licensed and Insured  Pest and Termite Control  company.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best professional pest and termite service  for the home and for offices and commercial premises through out the Gold Coast and surrounding areas .

There’s is no job too Big or to Small.

We strive to maintain a environmentally safe standard within our products, treatments and services.

With No Smells, No Mess, NO worries.

Through out the Gold Coast and Surrounding Area’s.

So contact us now for your obligation free quote!

Fully Licensed and Insured.

BSA – 121 49 69

License Number –  BN 22 32 19 86

ABN – 51 510 255 298

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