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Altis being installed to patio extention

Altis Reticulation being installed to patio extension.

DID YOU KNOW – That termites (also knows as WHITE ANTS) are subterranean. Meaning that they can travel underground in tunnels that can be up to 20cms below soil levels. Termites will travel up to 50-60 meters from their colony!! This means that they can arrive at your house with out you knowing it!

Even more reason for you as a home owner to have a Termite Barrier installed and regularly monitored by a professional.

Termite Barriers include:

  • Chemical
  • Monitoring Stations.
  • Re-injectable  Reticulation System (Chemical)

Chemical Barriers

Termite Chemical Barriers is when the external perimeter of the structure has either re-injectable reticulation system installed or the building is physically treated with one the approved Termite Termiticides. Our technicians will trench and treat soiled areas with selected Termiticide . Any paved or concreted areas will be drilled and the underlying soil injected with chemical. This will form a chemical barrier.

Most soil barrier treatments usually do not kill the colony. Their usual function is to exclude termites from the building or structure. Therefore the colony must find a food source elsewhere – Sometimes the building next door.

Average cost per standard home between $1000.00 to $3000.00 for  3 – 8 year

Termite Monitoring Station Programs

Our Termite Monitoring Station Program consists of small baiting boxes that are strategically placed around property in high risk areas. These boxes are filled with attractive timbers. Once termite activity is detected a termiticide is used to eradicate local colony.

This system is chemical free until detection of termite is discovered. Leaving this option the most environmentally friendly.

$100,000 Timber Secure Insurance Accredited

$100,000 Timber Secure Insurance Accredited